Student Work

Did you catch it?
A Performance Event 2015

Human Connection in Digital Space
A video compilation of student Performance Art work Spring Quarter 2021

Jerod Thompson – Creation

Taryn Lee – Need

Joey and Marisa – Performance and the Camera Landscape/Movement/Gesture

Analy Nevarez Lopez – Shaping, Molding, Loving, it’s a process

David Andrew Torres and Jacqy Weisbaum – M/F

Jiawei Chen – Self Portrait

2020 Spring Pandemic:

Fanny – wake me up when quarantine ends

Our World (text only):
As many of you know, the events that have happened since last Thursday’s class are beyond frustrating and exhausting. I did not feel comfortable following through with my original idea, especially with today being BlackOutTuesday. That is not to say that everyone should have done this, this is my personal decision and I do not aim to guilt trip anyone. BlackOutTuesday is meant to stop posting selfies, food, and happy times on social media just for a little while in order to give more space, attention, and resources for the BlackLivesMatter movement. I am writing in this video, I apologize if my handwriting was hard to read, what I believe is the root cause of our struggle with money, power, and authority. Our world, and especially the United States, is built on stolen land and the backs of slave labor, because white colonialism simply had the power to do so. Our system still reflects that power imbalance to this day. It is necessary to properly learn an unbiased version of history in order to even begin to unravel and repair this problem. If you do not know about the police brutality and racism happening right now, which is what has been happening for decades, I kindly ask you to take some time today after your classes to read about the news as well as the history of the United States. I have linked a twitter post in the video description that compares the prices of riot gear to medical protective gear. One full suit of riot gear is comparable to approximately 55 full suits of medical PPE.

Karen – BREACH

2020 Fall Pandemic:

Xion Rose – TIME

Nicholas Grant – 20 Seconds

Kenna Madrick – The New Normal

Kun Xia – Angle

Alexandria Concepcion – DESERT