Irrational Exhibits 11


One night only: November 9, 2019
7 – 9pm, Free, no RSVP needed
The Bendix Building
1206 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Curated and Produced by Deborah Oliver

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At multiple galleries in the Bendix Building:

Track 16 | Monte Vista | Tiger Strikes Asteroid | Gallery 515 | Mutable Studios

Featuring Artists:

Amanda Maciel Antunes & Galia Linn – GATES – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

Jamie Burris – WAITING – 5th Floor Hallway alcove near elevator

Feminist.AI – SOUND IMPRINTS – Mutable Studios 10th floor

Linda Franke – “in one year you could still be there” – Monte Vista Gallery 5th floor

Steve Irvin – OUTHOUSE WEDDING – Transitions spaces 5th and 10th floor hallway

Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai  – 1973 – Tiger Strikes Astroid Gallery 5th floor

Amitis Motevalli – MASOUL – Track 16 Gallery 10th Floor

Anaeis Ohanian – AMPHIBIUM – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

Priyanka Ram – COLUMN OF SOUND – Stairway – Sound composition

Cindy Rehm –  THE CHANGE – Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery 5th floor

Jinal Sangoi – ROAR AGAINST THE ROAR – Gallery 515 on 5th floor

Jerod Thompson – CREATION – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

Michael Thurin – RECOMPOSITION – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

Teresita de la Torre – SIEMPRE ERA EL. – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

Sichong Xie – “THE BOAT HAS SAILED, HASN’T IT” – Track 16 Gallery 10th floor

HK Zamani – PERFORMING WITH GHOSTS – Gallery 515 on 5th floor

Kim Zumpfe – wormhole – Transitions spaces 5th and 10th floor hallway

Curator: Deborah Oliver

This project is Organized and Produced by Deborah Oliver in association of Sean Meredith, Director Track 16 Gallery and made possible with the generous support of Monte Vista; Emily Blythe Jones, Debra Broz – Tiger Strikes Asteroid; Carl Baratta, J. Louise Makary – Gallery 515; HK Zamani – Mutable Studio; Christine Meinders

Track 16 Gallery Preparitor: Caesar Delgadillo
Production Associate: Jerod Thompson
Production Interns: Beverly Siu, Diego Juarez, Dominic De Vera, and Jose Tinoco
IE11 Photographer: Yubo Dong
IE11 Videographer: Ramy Nader Raoof & Dominic De Vera
Special Thanks: All of the amazing Artists involved in IE11, Sean Meredith,
Carl Baratta, J. Louise Makary, Emily Blythe Jones, Debra Broz, HK Zamani, Christine Meinders, UC Irvine Art Department, Tucker Parsons, Casey and Ellie Parsons.

Irrational Exhibits 11: Place-making and Social Memory

The act of remembering is a form of resistance, a way of identifying and defining our changing personal and social needs. Reflecting upon the spaces and communities we inhabit, the participating artists will explore the idea of place-making and social memory. Through investigations into the personal, political, poetic, metaphorical, and the spiritual as ways of understanding and unraveling questions of belonging, they will create new social memories, and in so doing create new collective histories.

The work of the eighteen participating artists includes performance, installation, sculpture, video, photography, dance and audio in various combinations to create an immersive viewing environment. The 11th Irrational Exhibits will take place in the historic Bendix Building utilizing five gallery spaces and the building’s hallways and staircases.

The multiple places to be occupied and/or inhabited by the artists metaphorically represent a diversity of individual cultural identities in search of “belonging” and inclusion within those defined spaces and existing structures. Memory is a malleable guide to the past. How we preserve meaning in the present is to reinvent new spaces and narratives within them.

The Irrational Exhibits project began in 2001 at Track 16 Gallery. Central to all the one-night events was a “group show” concept in which the artists each constructed installations that functioned as the settings for their evolving actions. All the durational performances happened simultaneously, but were not necessarily of the same length, nor did they represent a shared esthetic. What they had in common was a physical engagement with the body and materials, and the risk-taking process of making the work in front of the audience in real time. This dynamic kinetic environment has been central to the Irrational Exhibits mission.